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Make certain that the right people inherit your possessions at the right time when you die. Minimize taxes, legal fees, and court costs, too. You pass on more in your estate than just valuables. You pass on values.

Pass on values with your estate

10 reasons why you should create an estate plan:

You can see to it that family members with special needs are taken care of. You can provide for loved ones in need of money or security. Provide for your family through your life insurance.


You can also set up disability insurance and long-term care insurance in case of injury or illness. Transfer a business after retirement, death, or disability. Update your will throughout your life as your family situation changes and laws change.


As an ongoing process, your plan should be reviewed and updated as your family and financial situations change over time.

Start planning now for the future.



Last will and testament

Have your wishes carried out when you go

• Provide support and financial stability for your surviving spouse, children, and grandchildren.  

• Preserve your wealth for later generations.

• Make sure your wishes are carried out when you can no longer manage your affairs. It's important to have both a Power of Attorney and a Healthcare Directive.

• Support a favorite charity or cause with a gift of money, securities, or other property.

• Distribute assets in a timely fashion, with a minimum of legal hassle.

• Minimize taxes and expenses that can go along with transferring assets.

• Provide enough cash to meet expenses and prevent forced sale of assets.

• Avoid problems for your loved ones, ensuring beneficiaries named on your life insurance and retirement plans are still the people you want to benefit.

• Protect family's privacy with an estate plan designed to prevent your will from becoming a public record.

• Set and meet expectations of your survivors so there is no confusion or misunderstanding.