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In a will, someone is named as executor. If there is no will, the Court will appoint an executor and the assets will be distributed according to California law. The executor will file documents in the local Probate Court and prove the validity of the will. Heirs and creditors will be notified of the death. The executor finds and secures the assets of the estate. The executor decides how the debt is managed, including selling property.  The Probate process usually takes nine to eighteen months.

Learn about the probate process

Make the right decisions for your loved one’s estate, while dealing with the emotions from the loss

There are so many emotions to deal with when you lose a loved one. There are also a lot of decisions to make and there are legal matters and obligations to consider. We provide the support you need to deal with a loved one’s property and debts and to make good decisions.  


Know exactly how to handle the estate of your loved ones with an experienced Probate lawyer on your side, while you deal with the grief and emotion of your loss.

Estate issues can cause a lot of stress between family members. Let us help you through the process.



Deal with the death of a family member

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